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There are many different types and levels of home contents insurance, ranging from student cover through to extreme high level cover for Works of Art. Many insurers have certain guidelines in order for you to qualify for their cover, and these include approved windows, doors and locks - also the addition of an intruder alarm can reduce your premium.

With some home contents companies, (like car insurance) you can accumulate an NCB - No Claims Bonus. This will then allow you to accumulate years with no claims, which will in turn will reduce your premium, saving you money when it is time to reinsure.

Always remember it's best to get around five quotes for your contents cover, this ensures you see a clear picture of how much you can actually save.

There are many home contents brokers around, and many of these offer a reduction for insuring your contents online and offer relatively low premiums, especially if you have had previous quotes. Here are just a few...

Swinton - Swinton offer an online discount when buying contents cover online.

Barclays - This high street bank offers a range of policies for all types of cover from Cottages through to Penthouses. They also offer a discount for buying online.

Direct Line - "A good deal better" with 20% discount for booking online, this broker offers many different cover options.

More Th>n - This company is offering home insurance at a staggering 25% off if you book online.

Norwich Union - A great range of contents insurance and they offer upto £60 back if they can't beat your renewal premium, also with all policies £500 towards new locks for your whole property is offered.

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