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Welcome to the easy insurance guide, whether its car , home, business, pet or even garden insurance - Easy Insurance 4 you have what you need for Home, Auto and much much more...

Car insurance

Which is the best policy is for you?

This market is one of the most competitive markets in the world, which means there are literally hundreds of Companies & Brokers to choose from. The Car Insurance Guide makes this a little easier - you can never know enough about this quagmire. This guide helps you choose the best cover for your car.

Home Insurance

Which cover is the right one for you?

Home insurance is a competitve market much like car and house, therefore meaning literally hundreds of brokers and companies to choose from. The Home Insurance Guide makes this a little simpler - because you can never know enough about buying cover for your home. This helps you choose the perfect house insurance 4 you.

Life Insurance

Which type offers the best for you?

Life Insurance - What type of cover to buy and where not to buy, tips and FAQ of most asked questions.

Student Finance Insurance

Hmm, where do I look?

Student finance guide including saving ,recommended policies, banks plus much more.

Pet Insurance

Which company policy is the best for your pet?

Pet insurance is a specialist market, however soon to be main stream. Like home contents or car cover, you can never know enough about choosing a policy for your cat, dog even your llama, . This purpose built how-to helps ease the pain of choosing the perfect pet insurance cover 4 you.

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Car insurance guide - A guide to all things car insurance

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Tips on getting cheaper house insurance - house insurance tips

Life insurance guide - all you need to know about choosoing life insurance cover

Student finance guide - all you need to know about saving, budgetting & buying.


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Life insurance

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